We offer an exciting, contemporary array of classes to awaken the dawning of new insights in your consciousness.

Whether it’s Financial Freedom, Spiritual Practices, or the Foundations of New Thought, there are a variety of classes and workshops available through Foothills Center for Spiritual Living to support your spiritual growth.

Check back often to see what other classes are happening at Foothills Center for Spiritual Living.


7 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Great! Can you keep me on a list for notification when you start offering the meditation?

    I think the Daring Greatly meetings must be run by a LCSW, which is not me! 🙂 But I am going to a MeetUp group soon down the hill soon and I would rather stay up here. Are you familiar with Daring Greatly?


  2. Could you please post details about the upcomong class based on Dr Joe Dispenza’s book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself?


    1. Michael, we are working on a new class lineup for this fall with our new senior minister (who is in the process of revealing herself or himself). Please check back this summer for updates on our powerful Science of Mind classes.


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