Meet the Minister: Rev. Dr. Judy Morley

REV. DR. JUDY MORLEY has been a teacher, author, and communications professional. She holds degrees in history and mass communications, a doctorate in American History, and a master’s degree in Consciousness Studies. She is the author of four books and multiple articles on history, perception, and spirituality.

Rev. Judy is a Colorado native with deep ties to Evergreen.  She has had a varied career as an entrepreneur, an academician, a publisher, a non-profit executive, and a professional speaker. Her career has included running businesses, creating and marketing printed media, and participating with spiritual leaders at the highest levels to facilitate organizational change. Her particular gift is communicating complex ideas to a general audience.

After surviving Stage IV lymphoma in 1998, she has been committed to living a life of authenticity, creativity, and balance. Through books and workshops, Rev. Judy has successfully guided hundreds of people through experiences of adversity of all types.

Today, Rev. Judy is a captivating speaker and engaging writer, who uses her life experience to show her audiences that they, too, can live the life they’ve always wanted.

“Judy Morley is a clear, compassionate and effective channel for Spirit. Her facilitation skills are masterful and she’s been a great blessing in her work with our Mile Hi Church Board of Trustees. I recommend her highly.”  — Dr. Roger Teel, Senior Minister and Spiritual Director, Mile Hi Church, Lakewood, CO

Experience one of Judy’s Sunday talks here.



4 thoughts on “Meet the Minister: Rev. Dr. Judy Morley

  1. Your daily messages this month were awesome!!! I appreciated all the American history and connection to SOM! Thank you so much!


  2. Hi Rev. Dr. Judy: Your Daily Guide message for Sunday July 31st was perfect for my lesson that morning. Our theme for July was “Living in Liberty” and my lesson was “Let Freedom Ring”. I read aloud the words you wrote (after giving you credit) from your page titled “Practice Liberty”. It was Divine Right Order and I thank you for your wisdom and assistance in writing my lesson. Namaste


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